Course Details

WEEK 1: Get To Know Your Goals, Routines, Vision for Self 

WEEK 2: Own Your Time – creating habits that help you control your time 

WEEK 3: Self Love = 3 weeks=

Part 1: Negative Self Talk – loving yourself 

Part 2: Boundaries – relationships with self, food and others 

Part 3: Fully Accepting You – healing from you trauma 

WEEK 7: Judgement Detox – loving yourself enough to not judge yourself or others for past, future or present 

WEEK 8: Level Up Your Mind- what are you allowing to have free rent in your mind 

WEEK 9: Shame Detox – understanding your shame triggers

WEEK 10: Letting Go of Fear and Becoming Limitless-  rewrite your story & your blueprint 

WEEK 11: Power of Manifesting – create vision and goals for best self 


WEEK 12: Finding Your Inner Confidence- vulnerability is really being ok to be authentic 

WEEK 13: Finding Your Inner Power- your strengths, passions and innate gifts 

WEEK 14: Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse to the World 

Group Coaching


Online group coaching for anyone who wants to:

  • Wants to find self confidence
  • Wants to radically love themselves
  • Create lasting habits
  • Create routines
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Remove guilt, shame, perfectionism
  • Understand shame triggers
  • Step into the Powerhouse you were created to be
  • Have fun, grow, learn, heal &  meet new Powerhouses to rise together!

Ready to find your Inner Powerhouse?

You can email, text 801-860-1463 or DM on IG or FB “Awaken Your Inner Powerhouse” to set up an application call.

Meet Up’s

Power-UP: A way to fill your cup and meet up with other like-minded women to connect and grow for FREE. Each month’s lesson is based on a different topic to help you on your self love journey.

Past Topics: Self-Love + Living Fearlessly + Keeping the Promises You Make to Yourself + Removing Shame + Removing Perfectionism+ Valuing Your Time + You are Enough+ Time Management + Remove Your Fears+ Self Discipline is Self Love

Upcoming Topics: September’s Event

September 18th “Find Your Inner Courage”

Where: 4578 S Highland Drive

Time: 7:00- 8:30

“Empowered Women, Empower Women”


Power-Work: Workshops designed to radically awaken your inner Powerhouse. All day events with in depth live lessons, group activities, support, healing, and the tools needed to live your life fearlessly as the Powerhouse you were created to be.

Upcoming: Stay Tuned

Motivational Speaking

If you would like Stef to speak at an event please email her at: to set up a discovery call.


Tune in for some “just talking”, laughing, insights, interviews and experiences from Self Love Coach; Stef Iliff. She talks about how to let go of fear and show up as your true self. How to find self love thru self discipline. How to date without ruining your self love and self worth! How to create life lasting habits for success to be the Powerhouse you were created to be. Self love is her drug and it can be yours too!

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